Stopping Paycheck Garnishments and Collections in Clinton Township, MI

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"Ms. Dimovski and I sat down and looked at a plan of action to help me clear up my debt. She was very professional and an outstanding human being."

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Garnishment & Collection Facts

Tackle garnishments and collections head on to plot a new course to financial freedom.

Contact Daniela Dimovski Today to Understand How You Can Have Financial FreedomHaving debt typically means increased stress in your life. This is compounded when third parties become involved to garnish your wages or harass you for collections.

Bad things happen to good people in life but there is no reason to avoid tackling your debt issue head on. After all, getting started is the fastest way to a new financial freedom. Reviewing your options to reduce or stop wage garnishments or collection calls is a feasible first step in the right direction.


Contact Daniela Dimovski Today to Understand How You Can Stop Wage GarnishmentYou work hard for your money and it can be defeating when you see even more of your paycheck lost to a wage garnishment. There are ways to prevent, reduce and even stop garnishments in Michigan if you arm yourself with the proper knowledge.

The most important thing for anyone with debt that has been sent to collections is to talk with your debt collectors. The No. 1 easiest way to avoid wage garnishments is to negotiate an affordable payment schedule.

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Contact Daniela Dimovski Today to Understand How You Can Stop Debt Collection CallsDebt collection calls are annoying and frustrating but don't allow pushy collection agents make you feel uncomfortable.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1978 was created to eliminate abusive practices by debt collectors. And despite the fact that you are in debt to a company, there are specific regulations in place to prevent harassment. You have rights and there are ways to stop debt collection calls.

You can help stop collections calls by negotiating a payment schedule or paying off your debt. Depending on your personal situation, you may need to enlist the services of an attorney to represent you in debt negotiations.

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What our clients said:

"I would like to say that Daniella is very professional and at the same time understanding."

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