Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Timeline

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy TimelineOnce Daniela Dimovski has determined that you qualify for Chapter 13, she will give you a list of documents to provide us with so that we can get your case prepared. Once the bankruptcy papers are prepared, Daniela will have you verify the information is accurate and have you sign your papers. We will then file these papers with the Federal Bankruptcy Court. You will also receive a Chapter 13 case number, as well as, be assigned a Judge and Trustee (the person appointed by the Court to collect the money you send in each month and distribute payments to your creditors). Once you receive a case number, you are officially protected from lawsuits, creditor calls, repossessions, etc.

Bankruptcy Court Dates

The first payment to your Trustee is due 30 days from the date you filed your case. The Court will send you a notice with 2 court dates, the first of which is typically about 30 to 40 days after you file your case. That court date is MANDATORY and is called a 341 meeting of creditors. This is an informal hearing where the Trustee or any of your creditors can ask you questions about the information you provided in your case, your financial affairs, expenses, and the plan you and your Macomb Bankruptcy Attorney have proposed. Daniela Dimovski will appear at this hearing with you.

The second court date is called your confirmation hearing. This court hearing is also MANDATORY unless someone from our office calls and tells you otherwise. Again, Daniela Dimovski will appear at this hearing with you. At the confirmation hearing, the Court either confirms or dismisses your case.

To confirm your case means your case is approved and accepted by the Trustee, your creditors, and the Court. When having your case confirmed, it is important that you make ALL of your payments to the Court. If you don’t pay the Trustee, the Trustee cannot pay your creditors and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot work. When you fail to make your payments to the Court or do other things required by the Court, such as provide certain documents, your Trustee or your creditors will ask the Court to dismiss your case. This means you will lose all bankruptcy protection.

Once your case is confirmed, you have a duty to keep in touch with Daniela Dimovski and her office and to keep them informed of any changes to your financial situation, good or bad, so that we may inform the Court.