Stop Paycheck, Bank & Tax Garnishments

Having a large amount of debt is stressful enough, but add wage garnishments to the picture and it can get a lot gloomier. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent, reduce and stop paycheck garnishments in Michigan.

An easy way to avoid wage garnishments is to negotiate an affordable payment schedule. Otherwise, bankruptcy is the best way to avoid debt garnishment.

By law, once a creditor gets a judgment, they can garnish 25% of your take-home paycheck.  Macomb Bankruptcy Attorney, Daniela Dimovski, knows how stressful a garnishment on your paycheck can be. Filing for either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will STOP all wage garnishments.

After judgment, Creditors can also garnish money in your bank account without notice and/or garnish your state income tax refunds.  Bankruptcy will STOP ALL garnishments.  In certain circumstances, Daniela may even be able to recover some of those garnishments. If a creditor took more than $600.00 in the 90 days before you file for bankruptcy, Daniela may be able to get that money back for you.

Daniela and the rest of the Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney team are here to help you navigate through your financial situation. Call Daniela’s Clinton Township-based office at (586)738-6329 or contact her online today to learn how she can help you stop paycheck garnishment.