Chapter 7 Timeline

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

You have a choice when you’re looking for a Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney, so when it comes to getting help with a Chapter 7 proceeding, you’ll want attorney Daniela Dimovski. Once she’s determined that you qualify for Chapter 7, Ms. Dimovski will give you a list of documents to provide her with in order to get your case moving forward. She will then prepare your bankruptcy papers, have you verify the information prepared is accurate, and have you sign your papers. From there, she will file the papers with the Federal Bankruptcy Court. You will then receive a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case number from the Court and be assigned a Judge and Trustee. Once you have a case number, you are officially protected from lawsuits, creditor calls, repossessions, etc.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timelines

The Trustee is the person appointed by the Court to look over your case. He or she is required to investigate your case and make sure you have been truthful and accurate regarding the information you have disclosed to the Court. In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the Trustee is mainly looking for assets or property you cannot protect or fraud. However, you have a duty to cooperate with their entire investigation. If there are any outstanding issues that need to be resolved, then your case may go in front of a judge. This is rare in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but always a possibility.

The Court will send you a notice with a court date, which is typically about 30 to 40 days after you file your case. That court date is MANDATORY. It is called a 341 meeting of creditors, which is an informal hearing where the Trustee or any of your creditors can ask you questions about the information you provided in your case and your financial affairs. Daniela will appear at this hearing with you. After the 341 meetings, it generally takes 60 to 75 days for the Court to issue a discharge– the official Court order that wipes out your debts.